Norfolk Photo Safaris News Summer 2018

Welcome to my latest newsletter. It has been a busy few months and despite rather too much rain at the start of the year, North Norfolk is now basking in sunshine. My sense is it has been a very good breeding season assisted by this long spell of warm weather.

Some of you will know I have switched from Nikon after more than 30 years to embrace the Olympus micro four thirds system. You can read my thoughts on this and much more on my blog click here

We have finalised our very exciting tour around New Zealand for 2019. This promises to be a memorable journey with opportunities to photograph some of the World's rarest birds and get up really close with Kiwi's, Albatross's the cheeky alpine parrot the Kea and much much more. For a full itinerary click here or accessed on my website at


The Year so Far

2018 has been my busiest year so far, welcoming clients from as far as Australia, California, France and Sweden. From mid January through to the middle of March Barn Owls performed well. A number of you enjoyed great opportunities with Bearded Tits and for the lucky few just before the first cold

snap arrived a very tame Bittern that came to within a metre or two of us at times. In previous years I have stopped guiding in mid May however this year bookings in late May and June have proved very successful with nice encounters with Avocets and chicks, Sand Martins at a colony and hares among flowers so due to this success I Intend offering photo safaris in future years up to late June.

Later this summer I will be revamping my photo safari website and adding a clients picture gallery so pictures taken on our days out in Norfolk can be shared. Two or three day photo safaris give greater scope for a wide range of species. From early November through to late March it is possible over three days to cover all the regular North Norfolk subjects but including Grey Seals and further afield the chance of Otter as well as a good variety of birds.


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L-Type Prints

Ever been disappointed when you send a file off to be printed and it comes back looking nothing like the picture on your screen. Well, I have but recently I had some L-Type prints produced which not only match what I see on my screen perfectly but are printed on beautiful card, quite simply the best printing I have seen to date. If you are interested in seeing the quality for yourself then click here. If you use the partner code DTIPLING at checkout you will receive a 15% discount.

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